Writing notes on ipad

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iPad Pro Review: A New Canvas

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Apps for High School

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With iPad Pro and iPad (6th generation), you can use an Apple Pencil to create an instant note from the Lock screen or pick up where you left off on your last note. To change these settings, go to Settings > Notes, tap Access Notes from the Lock Screen, and choose an option.

Technology in the Classroom: Amazing iPad Apps for Educators

You’ve got an iPad in your bag, a Surface Pro on your desk, and you’re still writing your notes on loose-leaf paper? Don’t be an animal. It’sand it’s high time for you to ditch. The best iOS apps for taking notes with Apple Pencil + iPad Pro.

Writing with an Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro is nearly as easy as writing on actual paper. I think GoodNotes 4 is the most. Whether you're on the new inch iPad or the iPad Pro, apps like Notability and GoodNotes make it easy to take notes with Apple's stylus.

Handwriting Apps For iPad

This is a list of iPod and iPad apps that can be used in high school learning environments. The Notes app that comes with the iPad is easy to overlook, but if you are looking for a basic note-taking application that includes the ability to sketch your own notes, add images and perform basic formatting such as bolded text or bulleted lists, it may very well do the trick.

Writing notes on ipad
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