Where can i get divorce papers

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Self-Help Divorce Options for Kentucky Residents

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Can I get a divorce in Massachusetts even though my spouse will not sign the divorce papers?

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All you need to do is answer the questions and we will create the forms for you. REQUIRED VS FORM – Certificate of Divorce. When you file for divorce in Kentucky, you must file a VS form with the court clerk. While all other self-help forms may be submitted with hand-written entries, the VS must be typed.

The following page has state specific divorce forms. You can also get more information on this option in our section on do it yourself divorce.

If you go this route, take your time when filling out the divorce documents, as they are legally binding and the provisions can affect you for a long time.

Most online divorce services, such as US Legal, will use an interview style questionnaire asking the filer about the details of their divorce situation. Those filing an uncontested divorce can still request child support, custody and alimony. It depends on what state or jurisdiction you are in.

Each state or jurisdiction is different. In the US, the policy can vary from county to county as well.

It is possible some or all of the forms you need are available online for free. Your courth. The forms in PDF or WORD template can be completed online & then printed. We are in the process of translating many of our forms in Spanish.

You may find that some Instructions and Forms, for example Adoption, Adult and Minor Name Change, etc., are not translated at this time.

Where can i get divorce papers
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Self-Help Divorce Options for Kentucky Residents | Kentucky Justice Online