Tm 9 1015 252 10 m119a2

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TM /20&P, Operators/Org Maint Manual 81mm Mortar M i. TM /20&P, Operators/Org Maint Manual mm Howitzer MA1. 4. EXPLANATION OF TERMS: a. ALARA: Acronym for “As Low As Reasonably Achievable”.

Refers to an operating philosophy in which occupational radiation exposures are reduced as far below specified. TM Army Data Sheets - Sovereign North Holdings Read more about cartridge, projectile, fuze, assembly, propelling and propellant.

FM 4-2199 MCRP 4-13E, VOL III

st airborne division (air assault) gold book 12 april department of the army headquarters, st airborne division (air assault) and fort campbell indiana avenue fort campbell, kentucky TM Army Data Sheets - Sovereign North Holdings Read more about cartridge, projectile, fuze, assembly, propelling and propellant.

So make sure you visually inspect slings before and after each use. and make sure you use the right swivel and link assembly, nsn it’s part of the additional authorized list in the ma2’s tm (sep 10).

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Tm 9 1015 252 10 m119a2
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