Ordinary people can turn into villains and heroes

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Chapter 2 (Illegals)

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Erica Kravid from Heroes Reborn is one of the franchises best villains. You can never tell whether she's truly being open with any of the characters and she's also pretty deluded.

For instance, the Heroes collection in our sample app should only give access to other people who are assigned the role of “Hero”. A “Villain” should obviously be. Ordinary people who do extraordinary things can certainly be considered heroes; heroic acts have the power to turn ordinary people into extraordinary people.

They can be split into 2 categories- heroes who have done the heroic act and heroes who could just inspire you, such as sporting heroes or family members. The Sociopath can easily devolve into the cackling madman and tophat wearing "villain" stereotype of old - which is widely ridiculed in the modern world as being cliched (though it can.

While the MCU has been criticized for its weak villains, the same can’t be said about the rogues’ gallery of Spider-Man. He’s faced off against other super-powered people, terrifying.

It was after the breakup that she fell into a dark hole of drugs and alcohol, having met a mutant like herself that had a way to subdue his powers making him appear like a normal human being.

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She traveled to New York with her new friend and spent a year on the streets playing music for money, when she was reunited with her older brother.

Ordinary people can turn into villains and heroes
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